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Why We Love Wool So Much

Here are some facts and benefits that, maybe, you've never thought about your wool jumper or beanie:

Did you know that wool fibre is 100% natural and biodegradable?

Oh yes! It's grown naturally on millions of free sheep around the world, consuming a simple diet of fresh air, sunshine, grass, and water.

After well-worn, your beanie, jumper, or socks will naturally decompose in the soil, slowly bringing back into the earth some good and valuable nutrients.

Wool is one of the most suitable fibres to recycle and reuse.

Your well-worn woollen garments can be recycled to become the basis for mattress padding, insulation, upholstery, and new knitted pieces.

Wool is naturally flame-resistant, no need for additional chemicals.

Wool never melts or stick to the skin when it burns.

That's why it's a trusted natural fibre in public areas such as hotels, hospitals, and theatres.

Sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle.

The carbon in wool is derived from the digestion of plant material by sheep. Means that the carbon that would be liberated into the atmosphere is stored instead in their wool.

In contrast to synthetics fibres, wool is naturally breathable.

Absorbs moisture and keeps skin dry, reducing the amount of body odour that is caused by sweat and its contact with any bacteria on the body.

Unlike any other textile fibre, wool can be refreshed simply by hanging them outside in a shady place in fresh air, saving water, detergent, and energy...

Make sure woollies are clean before storing because wool is a delicacy to moths and bugs. There are many natural bugs repellents available to prevent any damage.

For more info about Care, Store & Love go to How To Wash Wool At Home.

illustration: Didiu Rio Branco


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