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We will under no circumstances communicate any personal data provide by users to third parties

This website is the only place that one can buy a product by PIO. We are not responsible for any order place in on any other reseller website.

Wholesale Inquiries

For inquiries relating to bespoke or wholesale, please contact:

Care & Love

We suggest storing your empty and clean bag in its dust bag to protect it from stains, dust and also from light. Stuff your bag with bubble wrap or tissue paper to keep its shape, wrap expose hardware with some tissue paper.

Leather pieces can be cleaned softly with a damp cloth or an alcohol-free baby wipe.

To clean and maintain the metal parts you should use a dry woollen cloth to keep it shining. 

For Silk, Satin, Brocade, Velvet  or other precious textiles, we totally recommend you to protect them from water or other liquids, remove dust and other particles using an adhesive roller.

Wool pieces must be cool hand wash only or use a dry cleaner that has the properties and care requirements needed to wash wool. Do Not wring or rub, do Not hang out your piece, lay it flat out on a towel and pull gently into shape. Store your woolies fold in its dustbag to protect them. For more about washing wool here!

We hope you love your piece as much as we loved making it!

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