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How To Wash Wool At Home

Do you know how to wash your woolies?

Well… let me tell you something, wool doesn’t need as much washing as other materials.

Your woolies can be refreshed by hanging them outside in fresh air. Saving Water!

Why is that so?… because wool is naturally breathable; water, stain, and odour resistant.

But if you need to wash your wool piece, hand-washing is always the best.

Skip to Step by Step Video at the end for a quick explanation.

To Spot Clean stains, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent to soak the stained area and blot with a soft cloth. Be sure to remove all soap.

Do Not Scrub Please!

To Hand-wash:

  • Pretreat stains with a stain solution for wool fibres. No Bleach Please!

  • Add cool water to a bowl or sink

  • Add special wool soap to the water

  • Build up a good lather by swishing the water with your hands

  • Turn your garment inside out and submerge it fully in the soapy water

  • Soaked for up to 20 min

  • Gently rinse on running cool water until the water is clear and clean

Press the water out of your piece. Do Not Wring Please!

Lay it flat out on a clean towel in its natural shape, roll it up in the towel and gently squeeze to remove excess water.

Dry flat in the shade. Do Not Tumble Dry Please!

Avoid sunlight and heat sources because they may damage your piece.

Never Hang Wet Woolies Please!

Store your beloved hand-knitted item cleaned and folded inside it dust-bag to prevent stretching and avoid bugs & moth.

How To Wash Wool At Home Step by Step Video:


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