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Her Kind: PIO new winter campaign

... A Story Inspired by a poem

Mystery, folklore, light. PIO's new winter campaign has been brought to life by the photographer Rocío Benavides and documented by the multitasking filmmaker Vegas.

hand knitted hats
off-white and black Nico hats

Nature is Benavides's ultimate source of inspiration. She has countless obsessions, particularly regarding trees and the way light changes from one moment to the next, water reflections, and man-made structures in nature. All of these elements play a crucial role in every photoshoot she plans.

Deeply inspired by Anne Sexton poem “Her Kind” and folk stories of the Pyrenees, which revolve around water women, witches, spirits that roam the land and coexist with the living, Rocío tells us a fashion story of mystery, folklore, and light while the muses wander through nature.

Meet The Photographer:

Born in El Salvador and based in Madrid, Rocío Benavides is a fashion and product photographer who received her formal training at the EFTI academy in Madrid.

With a background in journalism and classical music *she plays the violin, to be more specific!* She translates all her artistry and discipline into her work.

She has dedicated herself to fashion and product photography since 2020.

Meet The Filmmaker:

Diego, A.K.A. Vegas, is a multitasking, creative soul—a filmmaker and music producer born and based in Madrid. Although most of his career has been in the cinema industry, music and fashion have played a significant role in his journey.

When we asked Vegas to produce a fashion film for PIO's new campaign, he immediately started brainstorming about beats and images. He created an audiovisual piece that would establish a harmonious, slightly dark, and casual atmosphere, aiming to evoke a sense of contrast and duality for the viewer.

The Team:

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