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Odile & Odette

...A Swan Story

To showcase our knitwear collection inspired by the Swan Lake Ballet, we teamed up with photographer Liliana Osorio to construct a beautiful and poetic story about the inner conflict among the two sides within oneself: the battle between light and shadow, and how we tirelessly try to prevail one voice over the other, forgetting that without the shadow there is no light.

This story talks about seduction, the risk of falling into temptation and the internal strength we need to have to close one cycle and start a new one.

chunky oversized sweater hand knitted 100% wool
Odette super sweater

Meet the photographer & art director:

Formerly trained as an architect with a master’s degree in Fashion photography, Venezuelan and Madrid-based photographer Liliana Osorio had her photographs published in digital and printed magazines in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and North America, among others.

She has worked with many commercial brands and fashion designers, but her main focus is Portrait Editorial and StillLife photography. Architectural codes are constantly present in her work, given her background as an architect and her experience in this area.

In her own words: the most relevant characteristic of my photography is working with natural light. I am interested in building a visual narrative style that is clean, sober and where attention is in the details, which is undoubtedly my priority.

The Team:



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