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Through The Lens of Panthère Studio

We have collaborated with Panthere Studio Collective to set up our new winter campaign. Two young photographers with a passion for analogue photography who brought a fresh contemporary vision to the shooting.

EVE Scarf... Inspired by the story of Eve & the snake in paradise.

ASTRO hat... Inspired by the Apollo Program.

ASTRO Twist hat... shot inspired by Blow-Up (1966) film.

A year ago, Andrea Bagheera and Blanca Buisán crossed paths in a photography course at the EFTI academy in Madrid. They connected immediately and realized that they complemented each other very well, working together in the studio taking photos.

At the age of 6, Andrea's parents gave her a plastic camera, a "Minolta Memory Maker", to play with and didn't mind if she broke it. She went here, there, and everywhere with her camera hanging around, taking care of it. She studied Fashion and a postgraduate degree in Art Direction, but she never considered dedicating herself to photography.

Then the pandemic hits! Everything stopped, the world stopped, she stopped; the only thing that kept her focused and helped her get through this time was taking pictures with her "Minolta Memory Maker", many photos of one of the hardest lockdowns. When Barcelona reopened, she decided it was time for a change and moved to Madrid to take photography seriously.

Meanwhile, Blanca, who always loved photography but never considered dedicating herself to it professionally, was studying Arts & Humanities at the university in Madrid when Guess what? The pandemic hits. Everything stopped, the world stopped, she stopped. She began to take photos with her analogue camera, which helped her through lockdown and helped her consider studying photography once Madrid reopened.

Now she also has plans to study Graphic Design to complement her work as a creative spirit and professional.

We asked them how they came up with the name Phanthere Studio-Collective. Andrea told us that everything she does, she dedicates to her mother, who was a high-ranking scout called Bagheera, named after the panther from The Jungle Book.

And why Collective? Because they are thinking about collaborating with other artists as a collective of creative heads that join the studio with different works. Such as campaigns and brand image, Styling, visual arts, creative direction, etc.

They are not limited to Fashion photos and want to be a "Jack of all trades", from advertising to beauty through concerts or visual arts ...

The two found themselves in a post-pandemic world and created a project with all the future ahead... Thank you Panthère and Good Luck!

A big thank you to all our collab team:

analogue & digital photography: Panthère Studio-Collective @panthere_studio

models: Vera Gottert @veragottert

Ginebra Cañas @ginebracanas

muah: Ginebra Cañas @ginebracanas


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